The Benefits of Using Dental Bibs

It can be easy to forget the little things when you’re focused on taking care of your teeth. But something as small as using a dental bib can make a big difference in your oral health.

Dental bibs are an important part of oral care. Not only do they protect your clothing from staining, but they also keep your smile clean and healthy. Here are just a few of the benefits of using dental bibs regularly.

Protect your clothing

Dental bibs are made to protect your clothing from stains. They’re also great for catching toothpaste, rinse water or saliva when you’re brushing.

Prevent cross-contamination

When you use a dental bib, you can rest easy knowing that harmful bacteria isn’t being transferred from your mouth to your face or food.

Mess-free brushing

Dental bibs are great for when you’re done brushing. They allow you to quickly rinse out your mouth without worrying about getting water on your face, clothes or sink. Some dental bibs even have pockets that can collect hair while it’s being washed or rinsed.

Having established all these benefits, we’ll now help you find the best dental bibs whether it is for personal or clinic consumption.


As advised by Dentopia Malaysia, look for dental bibs that are made from at least three layers, 2-ply tissue and 1 ply polyester.  This will ensure that the bibs are absorbent enough and prevent fluid spillage. The polyester layer will also make sure that your clothes will not get wet.


It’s also important to choose dental bibs that are of the right size for you, women under 5ft 3in should look for dental bibs with a length between 11-14 inches. For men, 10-12 inches would be best for them. Also take note of the width of the neckline, if it is too big it can easily slip off during use. Avoid this by choosing smaller sizes of about 2-4 inches wide. As for children’s bibs, they come in an assortment of designs and colors to suit their tastes and preferences!


We already know that the main purpose of dental bibs is for hygiene purposes. This will have to start from how the dental bibs are packed. Ideally, it should be vacuum-sealed in 50s to 100s.  This will ensure that the bibs are kept sealed and not touched by human hands before use.


Although there are already several reusable bibs being marketed lately, it is still best to go for disposable ones.  This is because it has dust and dirt catching properties thus ensuring the cleanliness of the bib.

Where to buy Dental Bibs?

Now that you know of the benefits dental bibs can provide, it’s time to make sure they’re readily available at your place too.

It has never been easier to buy dental bibs than today! Simply log on to your favorite E-commerce site and get yourself a pack of these handy hygiene tools! Remember not to choose inferior quality ones for they will soon wear out after only one use.

If you’re looking for Dental Bibs in Malaysia, make sure to buy from reputable dental supply shops. Most of these shops have all the dental solutions to serve clinics and individual consumers. You are also assured that their supplies are from brands trusted by the dental professionals themselves. Lastly, you are likely to get the best price from these suppliers, because they often sell their products in wholesale packaging.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to buy your own dental bibs and take care of your oral health easily!


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