Best Penetration Testing Services in Malaysia

Is your organization in Malaysia safe from cyberattacks?

Cybercrimes have become the leading cause of fraud, identity theft, phishing scams and many other crimes related to hacking. They have led to mistrust by clients, the downfall of businesses, and could cost a lot of money to try and recover from them. To protect your organization against this, having a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing team that can evaluate your security is key.

Hunting for the penetration testing services in Malaysia

Firmus services are comprehensive and will be the difference you need to protect your organization. We carry out an intensive detailed vulnerability assessment, which includes penetration testing Malaysia company. With our experience and highly skilled professionals, we see things that you may not see coming. This way, you can be guaranteed solutions that address the full array of possible cybersecurity issues that your industry may face.

Why Should You Opt for Penetration testing?

Cybercrimes are not hearsay. In Malaysia, cybercrimes have risen by an appalling 82.5% in recent years. According to Star Online, this difference has been observed during the Movement Control Order (MCO) with areas like George Town, Seberang Perai, Kuala Lumpur, and a few others recording more than 800 cases a month. We, therefore, seek to protect you from this threat to protect your healthcare, telco, finance, or any other category of business that you have. We do this using customized vulnerability assessments and penetration testing that are particular to our business.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

It is a complex procedure that involves systematic reviewing of the IT security systems and equipment set in place by an organization to identify their weaknesses. This is done by tracing potential and prevailing threats, analyzing them, and remedying the systems to mitigate cybersecurity threats. With the appropriate information, expertise, and tools required, security risk factors can be competently and promptly addressed. Here are some types of vulnerability assessments:

  • Database assessment
  • Application assessment
  • Network assessment
  • Host assessment

What is penetration testing?

On the other hand, penetration testing involves the building of malicious content using a penetration tester and attempting to find vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and security systems set in place. It aims at discovering weak points in programs, systems, and applications. For the procedure to be effective, it has to be done regularly, since technology is growing at an unprecedented rate, just to ensure that the systems are secure round the clock. Though regular penetration testing does not mean that all security concerns are addressed, it has significantly reduced the probability of successful cybersecurity attacks before.

Find all the possible vulnerabilities, malicious content, and flaws in your organization’s network. This way, not only will you strengthen the organization’s security system, but you will also decrease the cost of replacing malfunctioned IT infrastructure. There are two types of penetration testing services – Internal and External Penetration Testing. The former assesses the network from within the organization while the former tests intrusions from outside the organization.

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With years of experience and technical training, we will research, devise possible attacks, and report on the same, then offer the best solutions. You are guaranteed best practice, professionalism, and vast knowledge of the industry standards and benchmarks. Give us a call today!

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